Growth Through Acquisition

At Akbosh Investment Group, we understand that valuation is a crucial factor in the acquisition process. Valuation is determined by multiplying EBITDA or SDE by an industry-specific multiple, which provides a clear assessment of a business’s worth based on its past financial data. However, to exponentially increase the valuation of a business, strategic decisions such as acquiring more service lines or entire businesses can significantly impact the multiple of the business.

Let’s take the example of a skincare spa. Initially falling under a single multiple, this spa can rapidly enhance its valuation by diversifying its offerings. For instance, if the spa starts selling skincare products online, an additional retail multiple (2X+) comes into play due to the eCommerce component. Moreover, introducing a subscription service to the online store adds a recurring revenue multiple (5X+). Within a short span, a single skincare spa can transform from having one multiple to over seven (7X+) by implementing simple yet strategic improvements. At Akbosh Investment Group, we help businesses identify and leverage such opportunities to achieve remarkable growth and value appreciation.

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