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Harness the Power of Our Expert Team
At Akbosh Investment Group, our Operating Partners boast decades of experience, covering various aspects essential for growing businesses. They specialize in tailoring their solutions to suit the unique needs of each company.
How They Drive Success

Phase One

Identify potential risks and unlock growth opportunities.


Phase Two

Provide unwavering support for transformational initiatives and assist in recruiting vital leadership positions.


Phase Three

Facilitate knowledge-sharing and best practices among companies within Akbosh Investment Group's extensive portfolio.

Elevating Businesses to New Heights


At Akbosh Investment Group, we harness our collective expertise to analyze the distinct dynamics of each business, offering strategic guidance and unwavering support.



Gain entry to our proprietary resources, including invaluable insights, templates, and recommendations that expedite execution.



We foster a thriving community and facilitate networking opportunities among our portfolio companies, empowering like-minded leaders to connect and collaborate on groundbreaking solutions.

Connect with Peers Like You
Become part of our vibrant community, where you can engage with fellow leaders across the Akbosh Investment Group portfolio. Network, collaborate, and exchange ideas through regular roundtable discussions, crowdsource solutions, and gain valuable recommendations from like-minded peers. Together, we can achieve remarkable growth and success.

Akbosh Investment Group initiates the process by inviting sellers to submit their business information and financials, along with a request for an initial seller’s discovery call. An accepted discovery call with the Akbosh Investment Group team signifies that your business holds great potential for a successful exit. It’s worth noting that only 6.8% of businesses that contact Akbosh are granted the opportunity for this discovery call, making it a significant milestone.
During the discovery call, the business owner engages in a pleasant and straightforward conversation with one or more members of the Akbosh Investment Group team. This call serves as an opportunity for the seller to share more about their business and explore the potential for Akbosh Investment Group to acquire it. Additionally, the Akbosh team focuses on addressing two crucial questions: What are the seller’s aspirations and desires, and can Akbosh Investment Group fulfill those requirements? Through this phase, we aim to set the stage for a productive and successful partnership.


Valuation is a crucial aspect that solidifies the worth of a business and safeguards the interests of all parties involved in an acquisition. At Akbosh Investment Group, we employ a meticulous approach to determine valuation, ensuring accuracy and fairness throughout the process. Our valuation method involves multiplying EBIDTA or SDE by an industry-specific multiple, considering other relevant factors such as market data, competitors, tangible assets, and intangible data related to unique assets.
During this phase, Akbosh Investment Group diligently seeks and verifies data to support the company’s valuation, while providing the business owner with the opportunity to present any additional information that may contribute to the valuation process. We understand the significance of this stage, and half of the businesses that embark on the discovery phase successfully proceed to the completion of the valuation process, highlighting our commitment to transparency and collaborative decision-making.


At Akbosh Investment Group, once we gain a comprehensive understanding of the business and establish a fair valuation, we proceed to the final phase of Making an Offer. Our offer can encompass various options, including acquisition, partnership, or a combination of both, tailored to suit the unique needs and goals of the business owner.
When we present the offer, we ensure utmost transparency and clarity in our communication. We value the business owner’s time and aim for efficient processes. Acceptance of our offer means that the business owner can anticipate a swift closing, often within weeks and even days, eliminating the typical delays of months. At Akbosh Investment Group, we are committed to delivering timely and seamless transactions that benefit both parties involved.

Akbosh Investment Group

Empowering You to Embrace New Opportunities

At Akbosh Investment Group, we recognize that a business acquisition represents more than just a transaction for business owners. It entails careful planning, trust-building, and a sense of excitement. It’s about passing the torch to a new vision while granting yourself the freedom to embark on a fresh journey. People choose to sell their businesses for various reasons: retirement, pursuing new passions, seeking change, or finding solutions to evolving needs.
For every entrepreneur, the decision to initiate an acquisition process is driven by the desire for a swift and transformative change. At Akbosh Investment Group, we value your time and aspirations. Our commitment lies in propelling business owners toward their next opportunity with efficiency and purpose. With our streamlined closing process and proven partnership prospects, Akbosh Investment Group empowers business owners to confidently say ‘YES!’ to their dreams and aspirations. Together, we make your vision a reality.

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