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How to Rediscover Excitement and Fulfilment In Your Boring Business

There is a famous African proverb which tells the story of a farmer. He had heard of miners who became wealthy by discovering diamonds. Allured by the prospect of this possibility, he sold his farm to venture into mining. However, he would later realize in a rather regrettable manner that the very farm he had sold was full of diamonds.
The initial farmer lost out on making huge profits because he was more focused on other supposed attractive opportunities. His farm became so boring to him that he would risk everything for an opportunity he knew almost nothing about.
However, the real question is: How can you avoid becoming bored with your business? Keep reading for practical tips you can employ to prevent boredom with your business.

Beware of Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny object syndrome refers to the mistake of eagerly pursuing every new, attractive, and thrilling opportunity while overlooking the development of the core five pillars of business.
A successful business plan combines innovative ideas with a well-executed business strategy.
A successful business plan combines innovative ideas with a well-executed business strategy.
The farmer in the proverb above exhibited a bit of shiny object syndrome. A perfect balance should exist between having the determination to manage a business and the ability to discern positive evolution. Every business, including the highly stable and profitable ones, allows for growth, change, and expansion.
Over the years, many influential people and businesses we celebrate today have undergone several phases of growth and evolution. Take, for instance, Madona, a popular global sensation whose music spans several genres and generations with a large fan base between the ages of 16 to 60+. She could not have achieved this feat if she wasn’t open to evolution or change.
Similarly, Apple was initially founded to be a computer company. But today, they are one of the biggest sellers of smartphones, tablets, and wearables. This shift is necessary because these new products are of more significance and value to modern-day consumers than outdated desktop computers.

People-Focused Entrepreneurs Avoid Boredom 

People will naturally place lesser value on the more familiar things. For example, being a day trader could be more exciting than managing your coffee shop.
Your thriving business might have lost its value and worth to you because you have not bothered to change a thing about it in the past decade. However, another entrepreneur or an investor will eagerly seize the chance to buy it. Day trading might be exciting with its easy wins, but with a few changes, your “boring” coffee shop could be exciting again.
To ensure your business doesn’t fall into a continuous boring routine that makes other options more attractive, put a greater sense of purpose as the driving force for your work. In the words of SYE founder Christopher Wick, “If you love who you do it for, you’ll never work a day in your life,”
Happy people at work
Loving your work can lead to greater productivity, satisfaction, and overall success.
When your customers are the driving force behind your efforts, it’s easier to adapt to meet their needs. As the market changes, your business also adjusts to align with the new needs of your customers. This way, your business maintains its value, relevance, and profitability, and you do not get bored with it.
Deliberate changes to your routine keep it less tedious. A commitment to serve people revitalizes your business and makes it new. Instead of chasing the next new high, you can reinvent your business as often as you wish.
Beyond the early phase of growing and smashing milestones, is the continual challenge to stay committed to your business. This is where having a motivation centered on helping people become helpful. Every business, whether on a grand or small scale, serves people. You have to fall in love with helping others instead of focusing on your needs.

Maintain Commitment 

After graduating from business school, Christopher Wick watched his mates accept great job offers at exciting companies. He also received job offers, but he opted to turn them down to start his own marketing business.
However, as time passed, he struggled with his doubts. He questioned if he had made the right choice. Eventually, he overcame his doubt when a friend gave him good advice; “You’ve already made your decision. You can’t keep second-guessing. And you’ve got to be fully committed to your business.”
Full commitment to business
Commitment to work yields outstanding results.
Business owners conduct in-depth research before starting a business. Initially, there might have been other opportunities that appealed to you. And almost were impossible to pass up, but dwelling on the hypotheticals–the could of, would of, and should of’s can drain the joy from such experiences.
You should have gone back to school to get that degree. You could have taken that job as well as explored and started other businesses. But you’ve made this choice, and you’ve got to commit to it.
There will come a time when selling your business would be the right decision for you. But till then, give your business the time and opportunity to be successful by giving it your all. Stop wasting your time thinking of other things you could be doing when you have a business to be committed to.
Commitment is a long-term project that requires consistency. Businesses do not just grow in a few days or months. It takes time. It’s more of delayed gratification. The good decisions and efforts you put in today may not yield results for the next three to five years.
You can’t choose to be consistent in your commitment to your business for just one or two years. To grow your business to its fullest potential, you need enough time to work with and grow with it.

Maintain a Central Focus 

As an entrepreneur, you must focus on doing one thing very well. It does not necessarily have to be an operational task within the business, like accounting or marketing. It could revolve around a broad and more defined purpose for your business.
Focus on your business
Focusing on business is essential for your business growth and success.
The idea of the art of multitasking is a dangerous misconception sold to entrepreneurs. When you try to manage too many things at once, you are at risk of failure. It is perfectly okay to have many tasks to complete in a day. But every moment spent at work must contribute to your central focus, that is, your business goal and purpose.
Wick, while reflecting on his first business venture, recounts, “In my first business, I did nothing else except focus on one target niche for all these years. And then later, I sold that business to an investor.”
Wick’s commitment to maintaining a central focus did not stagnate his business or make him miss opportunities. Instead, he updated and refined his services to align with the needs of his target customers. This kept his business relevant in a market that was constantly evolving with technology.
Wick’s customers reaped the benefits of his focus. The business maintained client accounts for years well beyond the usual industry standard. The business was so successful that he was expanding his team when his competitors in the industry were shutting down their operations.
Assessment is a vital part of honing and improving your skill set. Instead of assuming you are focusing, prove it by meticulously recording each moment of your workday. Tracking the time you spend in your morning or evening routine can be helpful.
Time management enhances routine.
Time management enhances routine.
You might find it hard to focus on your business because you don’t have a morning routine that energizes you. Likewise, you may even feel divided because your business consumes so much time to nurture your interpersonal relationships. But, you can identify and address these issues by tracking your time diligently.
Before you decide to sell or give up on your business, you must practice all the tips discussed in this article to overcome boredom. The farmer in the Acres of Diamonds proverb overlooked the value of himself and his business. Our next article explores this topic.

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